What We Do

We provide tailored programs and events designed to build and support an innovation driven
economy in Barbados and the Caribbean

New & Small Business Accelerator

We have created three dedicated program to nurture and support the growth of entrepreneurs and small businesses.

  • StartUp Engine focuses on launching new innovative businesses that can disrupt markets and compete on a global scale.
  • The Small Business Accelerator seeks to help small business owners over the proverbial hump and spur exponential growth.
  • Innovation Incubator provides an atmosphere and community for entrepreneurs to network, learn and succeed.

Schools, Colleges & Universities Initiative

  • Inspiring young adults to think creatively and develop solutions is critical. We have developed programs that work within schools as well as workshops to spark creativity and impart the skills necessary to launch new businesses.
  • Barbados Community College and University of the West Indies business students will have the opportunity to consult on and analyze small businesses and create plans to stimulate business growth.

Government Organizations & Institutions

  • Working with entrepreneurs and small business owners we uniquely understand the challenges faced when doing business. We will work to advise government agencies on policies, procedures and laws to improve the ease and speed of doing business.
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Developing Investor Networks

  • Raising capital is often the number one hurdle entrepreneurs and business owners face.  The institute will work to cultivate local, regional and international investors and create a culture where both investors and entrepreneurs are pleased and confident.