Innovation Catalyst Institute

Geared towards founders who want to build businesses on a global scale.
We seek to inspire a new generation of entrepreneurs, identify innovative businesses and provide the resources
necessary to enable ventures to achieve sustainable growth.

  • StartUp Engine
    Launching Innovative Businesses

    StartUp Engine
    Launching Innovative Businesses

    StartUp Engine is a four month accelerator program focused on finding and investing in high-impact entrepreneurs, throughout the Caribbean, with creative early stage businesses or business ideas. Specifically for companies with revenues $0-$50,000USD.

  • Small Business Accelerator
    Fostering Dynamic Growth

    Small Business Accelerator
    Fostering Dynamic Growth

    Aimed at small businesses with revenues between $50,000 – $500,000USD, the accelerator’s goal is to provide the tools to aid innovation and growth.

  • Innovation Incubator
    Providing an Environment for Success

    Innovation Incubator
    Providing an Environment for Success

    The incubator provides a stimulating work environment for budding businesses with  teams of 1 to 19 individuals. The incubator offers office space, weekly networking events and workshops at significantly below market rates.

Start-up Engine 2016

August 18th – November 18th                                                                        Applications close May 15th

Small Business Accelerator 2017

January 26th – April 7th                                                                        Applications close October 15th

Innovation Incubator

Applications accepted year round                                                                       

Inspire Spark
Youth Outreach

Cultivating a new generation of Entrepreneurs .

Hanno Project Caribbean

MBAs, college students and business professionals from across the world come to Barbados once a year to teach entrepreneurial principles to 40 of the most ingenious students from across the Caribbean during a weeklong workshop.

Hanno International

We deeply believe in the power of entrepreneurship to transform lives and grow economies so we created the international entrepreneurship outreach program.  Groups of MBA students, business leaders and graduates of the Hanno Caribbean project travel to developing countries to teach and promote entrepreneurship.

Innovation Academy

Businesses-sponsored weekend workshops, where students from across the country will work with a company to create unique solutions or actionable ideas for that company. Young minds are creative and may find solutions executives overlook.

Scholarship Program

The Innovation Catalyst Institute will offer two scholarships a year to eligible students interested in studying entrepreneurship.

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Feb 18th @ 6pm Investors Conference

June 25th 2017 | Local investors learn how to identify, evaluate and invest in businesses.

Mar 22nd @ 7pm Pitch Workshop

April 12th @ 6:30pm Government & Business Panel Discussion

April 21st @ 7:30pm Funding Sources

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